The Wonders Of Epsom Salt For Your Health, Home & Garden

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The Wonders Of Epsom Salt For Your Health, Home & Garden

Epsom salt is made up of two minerals: magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium is essential for regulating over 300 enzymes in the body and a deficiency can cause a whole host of negative symptoms.

Aside from providing a magnesium boost though, Epsom salt has surprising uses for our health, our beauty, our home and especially in our our garden


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To find out what Epsom salt can do for you, check out the article…

The Wonders Of Epsom Salt


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  1. jan flynn says:

    i’ve found that adding either dry or a solution of epsom salts is about the ONLY way to get african violets to bloom reliably (of course an east window helps a lot too)

  2. frede humphreys says:

    my boyfriend is an old black ” indian ” ( native american ) of 77, never goes to a doctor or hospital, not even when he had heart attack 25 years ago and a stroke almost 10 years ago. he cures himself what ails him, like whittling a very sharp point on a stick when he has had a toothache, he snaps off his tooth with pair of plyars ( i do not know how to spell this) and digs down in the hole to kill the root and the nerve. he has operated on himself when he had a huge bulge on his elbow, he was a long haul truck driver at that time and could not tolerate having his left arm in the open window. he stuck a knife in it to drain it. when i got home i thought someone had gotten killed. the kitchen towel did not hold the blood, so he had gone upstairs for bath towel. recently he broke his pinky, accident with loading his woodstove ( remember he is paralyzed on the left side ). it was black and twice the size it should be. i got a pot of hot water and e.s. ( i always have it on hand to soak his feet ), for him to soak the pinky in, when skin had softened some, i put a knife point in the pus pocket, so it could drain. we did this several times a day, the nail came off and swelling went down some but sorry to say he injured it again few days ago. wish he would go see a doctor……