Top 8 Uses For Tea Tree Oil

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Top 8 Uses For Tea Tree Oil

Today I want to share with you a blog post which reveals eight of the best uses for tea tree oil. Although make sure you read through the comments as well as readers suggest the ways in which they’ve used tea tree oil before.

Tea tree oil is one of the most useful, beneficial and versatile of all the essential oils. It’s also one of the cheapest and you can buy a 60ml bottle (that’s a big bottle) of Herbal Authority Tea Tree Oil on Amazon here.

To discover eight incredible uses for tea tree oil visit here…

Top 8 Uses For Tea Tree Oil


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  1. I am a believer of tea tree oil. Four years ago I started getting staph infections and developed MRSA because of it and after the third failed attempt of treating it according to the doctor’s prescription of antibiotics I began self-treatment. I am in no way telling anyone to ignore what their doctor tells or prescribes them, but my self-treatment saved me. The doctor told me antibiotics may or may not work to fight off MRSA (besides, I’d always have MRSA once I developed it) and that worried me, so I quit taking them. What was the point, right? The antibiotics made me feel worse than the infection itself and the pain was unbearable! I began washing the affected area with Hibiclens (antimicrobial wash) and dousing the area with tea tree oil. I’d bandage myself up making sure to change the dressing every few hours and go about my day (smelling like tea tree oil). The first three times having staph/MRSA flare ups, the wound would pus and ooze…streak pain through my body and caused me great despair. When I started treating myself with tea tree oil (the third time), I actually caught the infection just as it began to boil… within a few days, the pain subsided and began to close (which isn’t a good thing with staph, heh – the wound needs to heal from the inside out – not the outside in). I kept treating it, hoping for the best. The wound became soft and the welt sank unlike the other times (before I treated it…it was hard, leaked oozing pus, and was a giant ball-like mass of reddish purple pain). Within 9 days (yes, I counted) the welt was gone, the skin’s color was normal, there was no hardness, or oozing pus. The wound was closed and I could tell it was healing because it didn’t hurt when I touched it. I had a small flare up soon after that and treated it myself and I am thankful that it never came to a head, leaked, hurt, or caused me to miss work – all with Hibiclens and tea tree oil. Since then, every time I have an odd lil bump or reddish mark, I slather it with tea tree oil and it goes away within a week or two. I have been infection free three years now 😀