Oil Pulling 101: 10 Tips To Make It Work

Oil Pulling 101: 10 Tips To Make It Work

Oil pulling is an ancient dental care method that simply involves swishing oil around in your mouth. The theory is that the oil draws toxins from the teeth and gums helping to boost dental health and whiten teeth – but it does so much more than that!

It may sound strange – but it really does work and there are hundreds of case studies to prove it! With such convincing evidence and after reading this article, I started to practice oil pulling myself about 6 months ago.

Here is my experience: 

At first, it felt weird and very un-natural to swish oil around your mouth for 20 minutes. Try sneezing whilst you are doing it…very messy! However after the first couple of days, it really did become easier as my mouth got used to it!

I have incorporated it into my daily routine, meaning I am less likely to forget to do it. Every morning I will have a mouthful of coconut oil when I shower and moisturize.

I can honestly say that since I started oil pulling my teeth feel so much cleaner. They have a brighter, whiter appearance and feel stronger, definitely less sensitive than they were before.

You can get coconut oil so cheap these days, I would certainly recommend this over any expensive teeth whitening program from the stores. Not only do I feel better using something I know is completely natural, the results speak for themselves. This is the brand that I use.

Don’t just take my word for it, to find out more about oil pulling and how to make it work for you, visit Hello Natural here


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