How To Relieve A Migraine With Herbs and Essential Oils

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How To Relieve A Migraine With Herbs and Essential Oils

A report published on the BBC News website recently revealed that “painkillers are the cause of millions of headaches”, including migraine-type headaches.

Next time a migraine strikes, try these herbal and essential oil remedies instead…

Herbal Remedies For Migraines

Feverfew: James Duke, author of The Green Pharmacy, suggests that feverfew helps two thirds of migraine sufferers to ease, or cure, their symptoms. You can take feverfew in tea form (but do not boil the leaves, just add to the hot water), but Dr. Duke suggests the best way to take feverfew is to take the dried, ground herb in capsules which you can get from here on Amazon.

Feverfew should not be used when pregnant.

Purslane: Magnesium deficiencies have been found in a number of regular migraine sufferers. It is suggested that those prone to migraines should get 600 mg of magensium per day, rather than the typical 400 mg. Purslane is one herb very rich in this mineral.

Valerian Root: Valerian root does not target the pain caused by migraines, but it does help to reduce anxiety which is a common trigger for migraines. 300 to 600 mg of valerian root should be taken around an hour before bedtime. It will help you relax and sleep but without the groggy feeling the next day unlike over-the-counter sleep aids.

You can buy valerian root capsules from this page on Amazon,  or you can buy dried valerian root from this page at Mountain Rose Herbs.

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Essential Oils For Migraines

Peppermint Oil: Sometimes eating or drinking things with peppermint in them can trigger migraines or exacerbate the pain, but rubbing a drop of peppermint essential oil diluted in vodka on the temples can ease the pain and throbbing.

Migraine Essential Oil Blend: For an even more potent treatment for migraines, mix one drop of peppermint, lavender, rosemary and eucalyptus per tablespoon of vodka and massage into the temples.

If you need any of these essential oils or you’d just like to add some more to your collection, then you can get all the oils you need from the Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils page. Alternatively, take a a look at this 32 Bottle Ultimate Aromatherapy Collection on Amazon.


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