9 Irresistible Reasons You Should Have An Epsom Salt Bath Today

Showering might be much quicker, but you really can’t beat a bath for relaxation at the end of a long day. Take some time to reap the benefits of bathing in epsom salt. Find 9 totally irresistible reasons to dive in at Natural Living Ideas! 9 Irresistible Reasons You Should Have An Epsom Salt Bath […]

How To Make Calendula Infused Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great natural alternative to commercial moisturizers and skin products. If you’re in to making your own products it makes a great carrier oil for skin. You can use it in lotions, salves, and skin oils and you can infuse herbs and other plants into it for added benefits! One of these […]

How to Make Garlic Ear Oil to Treat an Ear Infection

Garlic contains well know antibiotic properties and is useful in treating a multitude of ailments. Studies have shown that garlic is super effective — as much as antibiotics — against ear infections, without the nasty side effects! Many ear infections aren’t severe enough to require antibiotics, but the pain associated with them can be just […]

Natural Alternatives To Pads & Tampons

Many people are worried about their exposure to plastics and other harmful chemicals but you may not have considered where this exposure can originate from. Pads and tampons can be to blame for some of this. Nearly all of them have plastics in them and chemicals that can help them absorb so much liquid, but […]

Homemade Deep Sleep Tincture Recipe

If you or the kids are having trouble catching some Zs, using an all-natural sleep tincture is a great way to get everyone settled down and into a bedtime routine without a lot of preparation every night. To find the instructions, visit Mommypotamus! Deep Sleep Tincture Recipe

Are You Magnesium Deficient? Take The Quiz & Find Out!

Magnesium is by far the most important nutrient in the body. It is responsible for over 300 biochemical functions and a deficiency can have some pretty major consequences on your health. The problem is, magnesium deficiency doesn’t come up on a regular blood test, so how would you know if you are deficient? Take this […]

How To Make Constipation Candy

Constipation happens for many reasons, but when you or the kids are having trouble “going,” you can break out these yummy candies to help move the process right along. Find the recipe at Mommypotamus.com below! Homemade Constipation Candy

7 Secret Home Remedies For Kids That Really Work

What would you do when your child gets diarrhea? Would you know how to quickly and gently soothe a burn? Or would you know how to ease away their constipation? (Black licorice works a charm!) To see “mom-approved” home remedies for all sorts of common complaints, visit HowDoesShe.com at the link below… 7 Secret Home […]

39 Ways to Use Honey and Why It’s Good For You

Honey is a delicious, sweet treat, and a great natural way to sweeten desserts without using a bunch of processed sugar. Use it to soothe a sore throat, or even to help clear up stubborn acne. Learn dozens of ways to use your honey and exactly why it’s so good for you at The Alternative […]

Homemade Chemical-Free Liquid Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent comes in so many delicious scents it’s hard to choose sometimes. But the truth of this is that all those scents and cleaning power are added with harsh chemicals that end up deposited onto your clothes – especially those “long-lasting scents”. Maybe it is a concern because you or someone in your family […]