6 Reasons to Start Using Coconut Oil as Toothpaste


Coconut oil is great for just about anything. You can cook with it, clean with it, moisturize with it, remove makeup with it– even eat it raw!– but what about brushing your teeth with coconut oil? It seems like a strange idea to brush your teeth with an oil, but Mercola has a great article […]

Handmade Crock Pot Dandelion Soap


Making your own bar of soap can be a fun and fulfilling process. And with dandelions popping out all over the place as the weather starts to get nicer, The Nerdy Farm Wife has created a great recipe for your own dandelion soap. This great recipe can be done with a crock pot, and you […]

How To Make Liver Detox Green Juices (3 Ways)


Are you feeling tired, anxious, or just drained of energy? You might need a liver detox. Heavy foods, lack of sleep, and a high level of stress can contribute to liver toxicity–and the best way to go when you need a detox is green! Check out DetoxDIY for 3 different recipes for a detoxing green […]

An Ancient Ayurvedic Ritual For Your Best Skin Ever


Beautiful, clear skin is something that most women desire, but probably don’t have. If you’ve been searching for years to find the right product or product regimen for your skin, you should try this fantastic ancient ritual to get the skin you’ve always wanted. Head over to MindBodyGreen for more information on how to get […]

Tamanu: Oil for Healing Acne Scars, Eczema and Sun Damage

Tamanu: Oil for Healing Acne Scars, Eczema and Sun Damage

Everyone, everywhere, is looking for help with their skin. Whether it’s acne scars or sun spots, we’re all striving for that youthful look. But the perfect solution to healing damaged skin has been around for years! Tamanu oil is an antibacterial oil used by Southeast Asian and Polynesia indigenous people to healing wounds by promoting […]

How to Make a Lotion for Leg Cramps & Growing Pains


It’s no fun going through the pain of your legs cramping up after a good long run or a freezing winter night. But it’s even worse to see growing pains in your children. Luckily, The Nerdy Farm Wife has created a great lotion to help. Using magnesium oil is a great way to relieve these […]

Natural Tick Repellent Recipe


I’m sure we all agree that ticks are gross. Bugspray that contains DEET both smells bad and is awful for the environment, so for chemical-conscious mommys and daddys, creating an all-natural tick repellent is key to keeping their kids away from disease-carrying ticks. Mommypotamus has assembled an arsenal of natural-tick repellent ideas, including a DIY […]

How To Make The World’s Simplest Anti Aging & Antioxidant Serum

How To Make The World's Simplest Anti Aging & Antioxidant Serum

This is one of the most effective and simplest to make anti aging serum recipes on the web. It combines just three powerful ingredients, all with potent anti aging and youth enhancing properties. Anti Aging Antioxidant Serum Ingredients:  – 1/2 cup Apricot Kernel Oil (available to buy here) – 25 drops of Carrot Seed Oil […]

How To Make Frozen Eucalyptus Towels For The Most Cooling & Refreshing Experience Ever


In the sweltering heat of mid and late summer, you’re probably going to be looking for a way to stay cool. Cranking the AC can lead to an expensive bill, and not all of us are lucky enough to own a pool or live close to a beach. In that case, a frozen towel with […]

Good Night Lotion: Start Sleeping Better


If you, or your kids, are having a hard time sleeping, magnesium might be the culprit. Modern Alternative Mama has created a life-saving lotion to help you get some restful shut eye. Using all natural plant-based ingredients, this good night lotion is so safe, kids could eat it. Wrapped in lavender, coconut oil, shea butter and […]