How To Use Magnesium As An Insomnia Treatment

How To Use Magnesium As An Insomnia Treatment

Swap those over the counter sleeping pills for magnesium to get a healthier, less harsh sleeping aid which will help relax you into a peaceful sleep rather than mess with the chemicals in your head. have published a fantastic article detailing the benefits of using magnesium to help insomnia which includes the science behind the […]

How To Brew Your Own Ale For Pain: Reduce Chronic Inflammation, Migraines and Pain

How to Brew Your Own Ale for Pain

Lots of people suffer from migraines, chronic inflammation, digestive problems as well as nausea. Often these problems come all at the same time, so why not tackle them head on with a homemade brew designed to eliminate all these health issues at once. The whole process only requires a few simple natural ingredients and doesn’t take […]

How To Make Birch Leaf Oil For Sore Muscles


  Great news! You can actually make your very own birch leaf oil! Birch leaves contain anti-inflammatory qualities, as well as pain-relieving qualities! It’s great for those sore muscles and detoxifying the blood and body. Home Spun Seasonal Living has a great article on how to harvest and use the birch leaves right outside your house! You better hurry […]

How To Make Ginger Candy For Nausea & Indigestion


It can be hard to get your kids to take their medicine. On top of that, it can be difficult to find medication you want to give your kids– or yourself. These cute things remind us of candy, but they’re great for upset tummies or indigestion. Instructables has a great article that is really easy […]

Here’s What Happens To You One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke

Here's What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke

Last week Natural Living Ideas shared an article revealing some of the scary reasons why you should stop drinking diet soda right away – but if you thought the diet version was bad, you probably don’t want to know what the sugar loaded version does for you. The Renegade Pharmacist has published an infographic which […]

What Is Marine Phytoplankton & Why Should You Be Using It


Phytoplankton is quite the mouthful! Believe it or not, it’s the world’s most important plant too. Wellness Mama has an article on Phytoplankton, and it’s not your typical research paper either. This article is full of great facts on how Phytoplankton is healthy for your body! This great article informs you on how Phytoplankton can help you, […]

Resistant Starch: Why We Need It & How To Get It


Definitely your first question must be: what is resistant starch? If you need it, why don’t we know what it is? Mommypotamus has the answer! Resistant starch is a prebiotic. Prebiotics are food for our bacteria. So now what? How do you take this, and how is it helpful to you? Head over to Mommypotamus to […]

6 Stretches to Prevent Rounded Shoulders


Maybe it’s too late for you to change your posture, and you’re noticing your shoulders are slumped. It’s not too late to change the rounded look! Primally Inspired has a great article on stretches to prevent, and help, your rounded shoulder look. We were not made to sit all day, but we’re starting to look […]

How To Make Lavender Soda + Lavender Syrup + Lavender Lemonade

Lavender Soda + Lavender Syrup + Lavender Lemonade

Lavender has a unique sweet perfumed taste, making it perfect for sweet and fresh summery drinks! The floral notes are light, refreshing and the purple hue of the drinks makes them even more beautiful… Here are three simple recipes for drinks all starring lavender! We particularly love the lavender lemonade option! Head over to for all […]

5 Simple Remedies for Quickly Removing Age Spots Without Damaging Your Skin


The absolute last thing we want to do to damaged skin is damage it more! Age spots are harmless, but they aren’t the most gorgeous thing in the world. If they bother you, have no fear! We have some easy ways to remove them without doing anymore harm to your skin. Healthy Holistic Living has a […]